This playoff will be conducted under the current FIFA Laws of the Game, AYSO National Rules & Regulations, Area 1U Guidelines, and the following


1.      A complete roster listing all players by team shall be submitted by the regional commissioner to the area director by the date specified in the Area Calendar.

2.     Three (For B14U four) properly completed lineup cards in uniform order shall be presented to the playoff officials prior to the start of the games and shall include the names of all players, present or not, and an explanation of absences.

3.     All teams need to report for check-in at the registration area at least 60 minutes prior to their scheduled first game of the playoff.  Each coach shall present themselves along with their entire team to the playoff officials for the following check-in procedure:

  •  Rosters to be compared to game cards, (only players on roster will be allowed to compete)
  • Original or e-signed medical release (registration) forms to be checked against roster or game card.
  • Check players present with those on game cards and roster, players will receive wristband. Uniform and equipment will be checked at this time.
  • Late arriving players must go to check in area with adult and medical release form.
  • Referees will do safety check at the field.


  1. There will be a strict observance of the AYSO dress code.  Every player shall wear a matching team uniform consisting of jersey, shorts and socks, as provided by the Region in accordance with AYSO Rules and Regulations.
  2. Commercially manufactured shin guards of the appropriate size are MANDATORY and must be worn under the sock.
  3. Metal braces, studs, earrings, hair ornaments and any other hard or metal jewelry or other objects are not allowed.
  4. If any player is found to be in improper uniform, it must be corrected at this time or the offending player(s) may not be allowed to play.
  5. In case of inclement weather, garments may be worn under uniforms provided they do not conflict with the color of the opposing team.  Bicycle/sliding shorts worn beneath regulation shorts should be the same color as the regulation shorts.  Black is an acceptable alternative.
  6. In case of color conflict the home team will wear scrimmage vests.  (It is also a good idea to bring another goalkeeper shirt in case of a color conflict.)
  7.   The team listed first on the schedule will be considered the home team and will have the choice of which goal they will defend.  The home team will occupy the north or east side of the field and provide a “game ball”.

C.    FIELD SET UP & TAKE DOWN:  Teams scheduled to play the first game of the day are expected to help set-up the field one hour prior to the game time.  Those teams playing the last game of the day are expected to help take down the fields.  Teams not arriving at their scheduled time to assist with set-up or staying to help take down, and clean up shall be subject to disciplinary action.


Division          Playing Format           Max Roster size

U10                      7v7                                     10

U12                      9v9                                     12

U14                    11v11                                   15


Each B14U team will play four games.  All other divisions will play 3 games.  The duration of the games will be full length in accordance with National Rules and Regulations:

Under 14 – two (2) 35 minute halves
Under 12 – two (2) 30 minute halves
Under 10 – two (2) 25 minute halves

F.     POINT SYSTEM:  An accumulated point system will be used to determine place as follows:

6 points for a WIN
3 points for a tie
0 points for a LOSS
1 point (up to 3) per goal,(win or lose)
-2 for player, coach, or assistant coach ejection
7 points for a forfeit (recorded as 1-0)

G.    If a team plays a match using a suspended or other ineligible player, with the result being a win or tie to the offending team, the match shall be deemed a forfeit.

H.    Point ties between teams will be broken on the following basis:

  1.  head-to-head play
  2. fewest goals allowed
  3. goal differential (max 3 per game)
  4. fewest send-offs (ejections)
  5. coin toss

I.      Champions will receive medals advance to the Section All Star playoffs, held the first weekend of March.

J.      If a game is terminated prior to completion, the outcome/standings shall be determined by the Area Director, Area Referee Administrator, and Area Coach Administrator or designees.

K.    Coaching is only permitted from your own team’s side of the field and is limited to two coaches within the coaching area.  The coaching area will extend approximately 10 yards from either side of the center line.

L.     Teams shall occupy opposite sides of the field.  All spectators must remain at least three (3) feet behind the touchlines and between the penalty areas and conduct themselves in an appropriate AYSO manner.  Spectator conduct will be the responsibility of the coach who will work with the referee team to ensure POSITIVE, INSTRUCTIONAL, and ENCOURAGING sideline participation.


  1. Substitutions shall take place approximately half-way through each half, at half-time.
  2. Substitutions shall be conducted in such a manner as to have minimum effect on the flow of the game.  The referees will keep the clock running during substitutions
  3. Substitutes entering the field shall not enter until the player they are replacing leaves the field.  Players leaving shall report to the assistant referee at the halfway line.  This process should take less than 30 seconds.


  1.  All games shall be played as scheduled and only the referee in charge, the playoff director or the area staff or their respective designees, shall have the authority to cancel any game.
  2.  A fifteen-minute grace period shall be allowed by the referee in charge of the game.  This period commences at the scheduled kickoff time of the game or when the field becomes available, after which the referee will cancel the game if one or both teams are not ready to play.  Matches starting late but within the allotted 10-minute grace period will be shortened by the number of minutes the match is late, and will continue to be divided into two (2) equal playing halves.
  3. In case of inclement weather, teams are still expected to show up the field unless otherwise informed.  The decision to play or not play shall be made by the Area Director, Head referee or their designee.

a.  Cautions:  Though not required, it is strongly recommended that the coach or acting coach substitute any player receiving a caution.
b.  A Team member, coach or assistant coach sent-off or ejected for other than violent conduct, before during or after a game, including a send-off for receiving a second caution in the same match, shall be suspended from all participation in the current and next scheduled played match.
c.  For each subsequent red card/ejection received by a player there will be a minimum 2 game suspension.
d.  A Team member, coach or assistant coach sent off for violent conduct shall be suspended from all participation for two (2) of the next scheduled played games and may be subject to further action pending review by the Area Board.  Anyone who falls under this category may not be eligible to participate, or continue to participate, in the Area 1U Playoffs.
e.  Any player or coach who is sent off (red card) or ejected for fighting will be suspended for the remainder of the playoffs and will be ineligible to participate in the Section playoffs.
f.  If at any time a fight breaks out on the field, ALL of the players and substitutes are instructed to IMMEDIATELY go to their sideline and remain there.  Players or substitutes who fail to do so may be suspended for one or more games.
g.  A player who has been sent off shall be required to take his/her jersey off or cover it and sit behind the team so as to prevent disharmony until the end of the game. The Coach or acting Coach shall ensure that a player who has been sent off participates no further, whether by word or action, including the end of the game handshake.
h.  A Coach, assistant Coach, or acting Coach who has been expelled must leave the vicinity of the field of play. The referee shall not allow a match to start or continue without a team’s properly credential Coach, Assistant Coach, or acting Coach in attendance.
i.  Suspensions shall be served in the next scheduled played match(es) including, if applicable, Area or Section playoffs.  All disciplinary suspensions are in full force and effect until fully served.
j.  A suspended Coach may not attend any match he/she is suspended from.
k.  It shall be the responsibility of the Coach, or acting Coach to ensure that any suspension is served regardless of whether the referee fails to note it on the line-up card or write up a match report in a timely matter.  A Coach violating this provision shall be suspended for the next scheduled played match.
l.  Additional Disciplinary Action

1)  Any player, coach, or assistant coach involved in violent conduct, offensive, insulting or abusive language, dissent or unsporting behavior or gestures before or after the match may suspended by the Area Director and subject to additional disciplinary action based on further review by the Area Review Board.  Area 1U Board Members and Regional Commissioners have the authority to act as necessary to forestall or diffuse potentially difficult situations.
2)  A Coach who withdraws his/her team from a match in progress without consent of the referee will be subject to further review.
3)  A team member consistently exhibiting disregard for the laws of the game by accumulating, three or more cautions (i.e. unsporting behavior, persistent infringement, etc.) during league play (including, if applicable, playoff competition and year-end Area 1B or 1U Playoff)  may be subject to suspension from participation in the next scheduled played match.

5.  Artificial noisemakers, such as, but not limited to air horns, cow bells, drums, megaphones, etc. shall not be allowed.  Electronic devices used to communicate between the players and coaches or spectators shall not be allowed.
6.  No Smoking will be allowed at the fields.
7.  No animals of any kind are allowed at the fields, except for service animals.