Area 1U Calendar

January 1,2016 – January 31, 2017
(all dates are subject to change)

January  7                  AREA MEETING

January  12                Section Meeting

January 16-17            Area All Star Playoffs U10-U12

January 23-24          EXTRA East Circuit Playoffs

February 1-5              Area All Star Playoffs U14

February 6                 U10-U14 Spring League Starts

February 20-21        Section All Star & Extra Playoffs, Riverside, CA

February 25              AREA MEETING

Feb. 27-28                Section League Playoffs

March 7                    U16-U19 Spring league Starts

March 8                   Section Meeting

March -19-20         Western States Games for 1st place teams from Section Playoffs

March 27                 Easter

April 1-3                   AYSO EXPO, Upland

May 1                       Standard Policies and Protocols due to Area Director

May 5                        Area Meeting

May 10                      Section Meeting

May 27-29                NAGM – Chicago, IL

June 1                      Budget Due To National Office (with Copy to Area Director

June 23                     AREA MEETING

July 1                       RAP Due To Area Director

July 12                      Section Meeting

Aug 1                       Deadline for entering teams in U16/U19 League

Aug 25                      AREA MEETING

Aug 26-28               Intermediate and Advanced Coach Courses

Aug 29                     First day of play for U16/U19

Sept 13                     Section Meeting

Oct 1                         Last day to register, transfer or place players in U16/U19

Oct 27                      AREA MEETING

Oct 31                       Last day to register, transfer or place players in U10-U14

Nov 8                        Section Meeting

Nov 12                      U16/U19 FINALS

Nov 19-20                Section Playoffs for U16-U16-U19

Nov 26                   Due date for rosters for U10-U14 playoffs

Dec 3                        Paperwork check for U10-U14 playoffs

Dec 6-11                   U10-U14 AREA PLAYOFFS

Jan 5                         AREA MEETING

Jan 10                       Section Meeting

                                   Area All Star Playoffs

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