Policy on rescheduling games



League officials will reschedule games that are cancelled due to field closure ONLY, if there is available field space and a game time that will not conflict with teams involved.

If you will have less than 12 players because they are going to Homecoming dance, let Martine and your Regional Commissioner know a MINIMUM of 10 days before the dance and the game will be rescheduled to the middle of the week before the dance (example.  Homecoming on October 12, notification must be received by no later than October 2 and and would be rescheduled to October 8)  
Request must include 

Team information (division, coach)

Game information (Date, field, time)  

Name of Highschool and
How many players will be missing.

To reschedule a game for ANY OTHER REASON, the coach seeking a reschedule must do the following:

  1. At least 48 hours before the game was to start contact Area Directors and own Regional Commissioner.
  2. Get permission from own Regional Commissioner,  coach of opposing team and his/her Regional Commissioner to reschedule the game.
  3. The region of the team requesting the reschedule must provide site, field set up and referees, at a date and time convenient to the opposing team. (opposing team has the right to refuse the rescheduling of the game.
  4. Both Area Directors and Regional Commissioners of teams involved must be kept informed of every step.