AYSO Area 1B & 1U
Spring 2017

These games will be conducted in accordance with the current FIFA Laws of the Game, and the AYSO National Rules and Regulations, and the following rules of competition:


1.      Player

a.      MUST have been registered and played in the fall 2016 program for their respective region.

b.      Unless your Region requires a higher percentage of games played, each participant must have played in at least 50% of the scheduled league games of the team to which he/she was assigned in the fall program.

c.      Meet any other eligibility requirements established by his/her region.

d.      Any transfer of players between regions/areas must be done in accordance with both regions’ guidelines and the Area Director’s approval, (and between areas, the areas’ guidelines, with permission of the Regional Commissioners, and Area Directors.)

2.      Coach and Assistant Coach

a.      Safe haven certified

b.      Minimum Age-level coaching certification as follows

U10 – U10 coach

U12 – U12 coach

U14 – Intermediate coach

U16/U19 – Advanced coach

3.      Team:

a.      Coach and Assistant Coach names  for each team is to be submitted by the Regional Commissioner to his/her Area Director by the 1ST  Monday of January for U10-U14,  2nd  Monday of February for U16/U19.

b.       First day of games: Coach must have in his/her possession

1)     A properly filled out and signed (or esigned) registration form for each player.

2)     An eAYSO roster.  Only those listed on the roster are eligible for participation

c.      In addition starting the 3rd Saturday of February (February 18) for U10-U14 or 3rd Monday of March (March 20) for U16/U19 coach is to have in his/her possession the following:

1)     A properly filled out and signed (or esigned) registration form for each player.

2)     An eAYSO roster.  Only those players listed on the roster are eligible for participation.

3)      ID cards for all players.  Players who do not have a player ID provided by the region will be ineligible to participate.

a)     The ID card is to contain at mínimum:

                                               i.         the player’s current picture,

ii.        current AYSO ID number,

iii.         birth date,

iv.        season (i.e. MY2015, Spring2015),

v.        the region #

b)     It is to be either laminated or printed on plastic card stock by use of a Region authorized ID system.


1.      If possible each Region is requested to provide one field (per Division) for each of the teams they plan to enter.

2.      Home sidelines will be the North or East side of the field.

3.      Host Region must have a representative at the playing site at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the 1st game to have equipment available.

4.      Hosting Region is expected to have enough staff available all day to check-in teams and collect game cards:
Check-in to consist of:

a.      Verify that every player listed on game card and roster has a medical release form (registration form) with a valid signature of the parent or guardian.  (either esignature or “wet”)

b.      In addition starting the 3rd Saturday of February for U10-U14 or 3rd Monday of March for U16/U19 verify that every player has a properly filled out player ID card.

5.      Each team scheduled for the first game of the day will assist in field set-up, which can include assembly of goal, setting up nets, corner flags and trash cans.  (Two adults from each team should arrive early enough to complete these tasks so games start on time)

6.      Each team scheduled for the last game of the day will assist in taking down and returning to a designated area the nets, corner flags, trash cans and goals (if necessary).

7.      Teams should arrive at the check in area a minimum of 30 minutes before game time.  Team members must be presented at check-in in game ready attire: proper jerseys, shorts, socks, shoes, shin guards, etc.

8.      In the event of a late start the referee will equally shorten both halves of the game to accommodate the start of the next game at its designated time.

9.      The team listed first on the schedule is designated as the home team and shall be responsible for supplying two (2) game balls of the proper approved size to the referee team and change jerseys in the event of a uniform color conflict.  The referees should also have alternative colored jerseys available so as not to conflict with either team.


Each Region is responsible for providing uniforms for their own teams.  Every team’s uniforms shall conform to AYSO Rules and Regulations. Should there be a conflict in uniform colors the home team shall change jerseys or wear pinnies (provided by the team).


1.      Playing format/Roster size/game length

U19 11V11 18 12 2-45 MIN HALVES
U16 11V11 18 12 2-40 MIN HALVES
U14 11V11 15 12 2-35 MIN HALVES
U12 9V9 12 10 2-30 MIN HALVES
U10 7V7 10 8 2-25 MIN HALVES

Halftime:  5 minutes

2.      A minimum of seven (7) players for U14-U19, six (6) players for U12 and five (5) players for U10 shall constitute a team.  A scheduled game shall not commence nor be continued if one or both teams cannot field at least the above number of eligible players.

A grace period of fifteen (15) minutes beyond the scheduled game start time shall be allowed before a game is considered a forfeit.  One of the teams MUST be at the field and ready to play to receive the benefit of a forfeit.  If a team arrives late to the field, still within the 15 minute grace period, the game shall be shortened, equally in both halves, to provide for a proper end time for the game.  There will not be a full length game if a team arrives after the scheduled start time.

3.      Substitution

a.      Each player is entitled to play a minimum of one half (½) of the game for which he/she is present.

b.      U10-U14

i.     Substitution will occur at half-time and approximately midway through each half or for an injury, in accordance with AYSO National Rules and Regulations.

ii.      A properly filled out line up  card, with all players on roster listed with FULL NAMES and in jersey number order will be submitted to the field staff at least 15 minutes before the start of each game.

c.      U16-U19

i.     May occur at any stoppage of play at the discretion and permission of the referee.

ii.     A properly filled out line up   card AND properly filled out time monitor sheet with all players on roster listed with FULL NAMES in jersey number order will be submitted to the field staff at least 15 minutes before the start of each game

c.     All Divisions:

i.     Cautioned player may be substituted at the time the caution is issued.

ii.      No substitution for ejected player

4.      Each host site Regional Coordinator shall be responsible for collecting completed lineup cards and time monitor sheets for games played at his/her site. These cards shall be forwarded to the Area Directors within 24 hours.

5.      Both coaches as well as the field coordinators are expected to submit the scores to the Area scorekeeper at scoresayso@gmail.com as soon as possible after their game is played or after last game of the day.

6.      Season length

a.      U10-U14: First Saturday of February to the last Saturday of March. Playoffs will involve the top 4 teams in each division to be held midweek nights in April

7.      Regional Commissioners should not allow teams participating in league to participate in tournaments during this time.  If a team participates in a tournament outside of Area 1B or 1U during the Spring League play dates and as a result forfeits a game (other than Section 1 league or all star playoffs which we will schedule around), that team will not be allowed to participate in the season ending playoffs if they qualify.

8.      Games shall be played as scheduled unless cancelled by the referee or host site Regional Commissioner.

a.      When a Regional Commissioner determines that the games need to be cancelled he/she needs to inform Area Directors of both Area B and Area U

b.      Due to the lack of field space and time constraints, for U10-U14 games cancelled due to field closure will not be rescheduled.

c.      Rescheduling of games is very disruptive and will be avoided if at all possible. Coaches must check their team schedules against their team players activities as soon as the schedules are available.  In those rare cases when a team wants to reschedule a game, the following must be observed by a team requesting the rescheduling of a game

1)     The team Head coach must receive permission from his/her Regional Commissioner and Area Director.

2)     The team Head Coach must contact the opposing team Head Coach, and opposing teams Regional Commissioner or designee. The opposing team has the right to refuse the rescheduling of the game if an amicable rescheduling of the game cannot be reached.

3)     The teams Regional Commissioners and Program Coordinator must approve the reasoning and be kept informed.

4)     The Area Coordinator must then be contacted and informed of any changes involved in the rescheduling of games.

5)     A team’s Head Coach wanting to reschedule the game is required to provide field and referees, (at the option of the opposing team).

d.      If for any reason a game is not played or is not completed, the area directors shall decide the standing of the game depending upon the reason.  Generally a game suspended after the conclusion of the first half will have the score recorded as of the time of the game is suspended.

e.      All games will count towards standings and advancement to the season ending playoffs.  Points will be awarded as follows:

WIN     =  3 POINTS

TIE        =  1 POINT

LOSS     =  0 POINTS

-1 point for send off/ejection of player, coach or assistant coach.

Forfeited games will be scored as 1-0 giving 3 points to the winning team.

If teams within the same division play differing number of games a multiplier (total points x #games scheduled÷# games played) will be used to determine final points

In divisions with two pools, top two teams in ached division and in those with only one pool top 4 teams in each division will advance to season ending playoffs

f.       Tie-breakers for advancement to playoffs:

1st – Head to Head

2nd– Fewest Send offs

3rd – Fewest Goals against

4th – Goal differential (Maximum differential of 3 per game)
5th – Coin Toss

g.      Medals will be awarded to the top 4 teams in each division.

E.      REFEREE:

1.      For U10-U14 Game schedule also has the referee schedule (last column).  Teams that fail to provide referees for their assigned games may be excluded from the season ending playoffs.

2.      For U16-U19  The region whose team is listed as the home team will provide a full referee crew for the game.

a.       The referee shall not have a player playing in the match.  The Assistant Referees may have a player playing in the match

3.      Referee crew should check in with field staff a minimum of 20 minutes before the start of the game in which they are to officiate.

4.      Requirements for the referee crew.  It is expected that the Regional Commissioners/Regional Referee Administrators make sure that all of the referees that represent their region are:

a.      Registered in eAYSO, with a current volunteer application on file with the region and NSTC

b.      Certified at the appropriate level for the competition

c.      Properly equipped and uniformed:

1)     Referee Jersey with appropriate certification badge

2)     Solid Black Shorts (Jersey tucked in)

3)     Black socks with 3 white strips at the top

4)     Appropriate black athletic shoes

5)     Whistle

6)     Watch

7)     Two or more pens/pencils

8)     Flags for assistant referees (not all regions have referee flags that they can loan out)

9)     Referee wallet with: Yellow and Red cards, and game reports.

5.      The Diagonal system of Control (three (3) referee system) shall be employed in all games without exception.  Should one (1) referee fail to appear or be unable to continue, a club lines-person shall be appointed by the referee.  In no event will the two-man/whistle system (sometimes referred to as the dual system) be used in any AYSO Area 1B or 1U game.  Games will not be played with less than two (2) uniformed officials.

6.      The referee may suspend or terminate the game, but in such case, only the Area Directors may determine the final outcome of a game to be won or lost by a team or a forfeit by one or both teams.


Referee decisions are final and are not grounds for protest.  Questions concerning players or field equipment must be referred to the referee and/or field staff prior to the start of the game.  The referee’s acceptance of the field and game conditions shall be considered final.  Documentation must be submitted to the Area Directors within twenty-four (24) hours of the game in question.



The referee shall report on the game line-up card all instances of misconduct on the part of team members or spectators that he/she determines to be adverse to the conduct of the game.  For all Send-offs the referee is to fill out a Referee game Misconduct/incident report.  Sufficient detail shall be included to allow appropriate follow-up   In the case of offensive or insulting or abusive language and/or gestures, the referee shall identify the words and/or gestures used, and to whom the misconduct was directed.  Additional information may be included on an extra sheet of paper accompanying the report.

The referee MUST complete the report of all misconduct (yellow and red cards issued) prior to leaving the game venue.  The misconduct reports will be passed on to the area representative at the venue and then be passed onto the Area Director.  Yellow card reports shall be passed on within 24 hours and red card reports must be sent on the same day as the game.

a.      Team member, coach or assistant coach sent off, including a send off for receiving a second caution in the same game, shall be suspended from all participation in the remainder of the current game and also suspended from all participation in the next scheduled and played game.

b.      Team member, coach or assistant coach sent off for violent conduct during the game shall be suspended from all participation in the remainder of the current game and from all participation for the next two (2) scheduled and played games.

c.      Team member, coach or assistant coach sent off for violent conduct-striking (fighting) shall be suspended from all participation in the remainder of the current game and from all participation for the next four (4) games. A team member who falls under this category will not be eligible to participate in, or continue to participate in, the season-ending playoffs.

d.      It shall be the responsibility of the Coach, or acting Coach to ensure that any suspension is served by a player or coach/assistant regardless of whether the suspension is noted on their game card.  A Coach/assistant coach violating this provision shall be suspended for 2 scheduled and played games.

e.      A Coach that has been suspended may not have any interaction with any team member, opposing team member, or referee. The coach or assistant coach that was suspended should not attend the next scheduled and played game.  Violations of this provision subject the Coach to an additional period of suspension and the team may be subject to forfeiture of the game, as determined by the Area Directors.  The Area Directors may take additional disciplinary action as appropriate.

2.      Additional Disciplinary Action

a.      Team member involved in a fight before, during or after the game shall be shall be suspended from all participation in the current game and suspended from all participation for the next four (4) scheduled and played games. Team member who falls under this category will not be eligible to participate, or continue to participate, in the season-ending playoff.

b.      Team member involved in offensive or insulting or abusive language and/or gestures before, during or after the game will be shall be suspended from all participation in the current and the next scheduled and played game.

c.      Team member involved in dissent or unsporting behavior before or after the game shall be suspended from all participation for one (1) scheduled and played game. The Area Directors may impose a two (2) game suspension depending on the seriousness of the misconduct.

d.      A Coach who withdraws his/her team from a game in progress without consent of the referee will be subject to further review, and the team may forfeit the game as a result.

e.      Area 1B and 1U Board Members and Regional Commissioners have the authority to act as necessary to forestall or diffuse potentially difficult situations.